Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spray Paint Stencil

I thought this project was really fun and interesting and also that I went through the process well. It takes a long time, but it was worth the time, because it turned out really well even better than I expected. I learned it is better to take your time rather than mess up and have to redo the stencil. Luckily I did not mess up and cut out the wrong color, but the process was some what extensive. First you design the picture in photo shop to make it into something that could be made into stencils. Then, you project the image and trace over the different colors on poster boards. After, that you have to cut out the parts you traced; this was my least favorite part. I did not like it, because it took the most time and it was at times very hard to cut the paper and it got old and boring very quickly. Finally you spray painted the cardboard by taping the stencils to the board. This was my favorite part of the project because you got to be outside and it was very fun. My stencil project was successful because you could tell it was a dog and it look really neat and somewhat put together. I enjoyed this project and would happily do it again because it was very fun and I learned a lot.

Monday, March 4, 2013

IPad Value Study

The similarities between using oil pastels in the class room and doing layers on art pro was that you can blend and choose different colors and be making art. The difference was that you could not create different and separate layers in real life but you are able to do this on the app and the blending is different. I feel accomplished, because I have improved from when we started the value drawing but I have done it before this class. I found the technology very useful because it was a different way to learn and kept it interesting.


My drawing improved a lot with developing the contour line skill because I learned to pay attention to the details. My hand went from the classic hand to a hand that looks realistic and has the wrinkles of the skin. The contour line unit has showed m rather than to outline the shape if you fill in the details you don’t need the outline. My drawings improved tremendously from my original drawings and I found this unit very helpful.