Friday, January 10, 2014

Book carving project

Explain how you developed your design for your book carving. 
I develope the idea of ornaments from the idea of reading a Christmas story on Christmas Eve. I thought it would be an interesting way to portray that and it did tell a story by making you think about how you also decorate the Christmas tree. My  Christmas tree reminds me every year of all the place we have been and where we bought the ornaments. Very important because once you cut some you can not un cut it so you need to make a clear plan describing exactly what you want to do. Then you will do less ripping or taping. Also you need to make sure the frame is thick so it is not super fragile and easy to cut through. I learned all this very quickly. I had so trouble cutting sometimes with the x-acto knife. At the beginning I made the frame way to small and had to rip a lot of pages out but  after that I got better at it with practice. I took the risk of doing a little more holiday type thing rather than something that directly followed the themes. Also using the x-acto knife is a hazard in itself. I felt it was successful and created a product that I can be proud if and I think turned out well. 

Exam Questions

feel my painting was the best and most successful piece. The theme was sticky situation and the process was quite simple. First you were to come up with ideas and make thumb nail sketches. after you have decided what you want to do you Then you painted a base color if you so desired. Next you painted the back ground and the main part of your painting. The materials we used was acrylic paint and a canvas to paint it on and I used a medium-large canvas an I used my painting techniques that u normally use when doing a painting. I think I over came the most obstacles in the Kitten in a pot one. I had to over come using a hot glue gun because I burnt myself so many times I lost count. I also had to use a hammer to get the lead out. now that I look back I should have done smaller pieces and maybe more drastic color changes to make it stand out. Taking risk did help me in this project cause I tried something new and I worked for this piece. The cactus drawing for what's the point was the starting point and then the book carving showed a lot of growth. I thought of something a little more out of the box even though it is in a book and it showed that doing something different is okay and it can turn out good. I have never carved a book before and I thought it was a new yet fun experience. It did become frustrating at times but it turned out well and I had much more of a vision for this book. Also I got to use a new skill rather than just drawing something which is an improvement and I used more adventurous materials. The change in teaching helped me and was effective in my art because I tried a lot of new things that worked and some that didn't which is exactly what learning is about. For example using an x-acto knife to carve my book was some thing I never would have tried. This new way of teaching showed me that taking risk can be beneficial it may not always turnout perfect but I definitely grew as an artist due to this.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mixed Media

showed amusement by portraying a type of food that is amusing to children. That awesome food is ice cream you eat it at the fair and it has variety in the different colors and flavors of ice cream. I chose this subject matter because it is kind of a tradition in my family to all eat ice cream together at my grandpas house there is a fridge devoured completely to ice cream. This project reminded me of that and the ice cream is unified because they are the same colors but different flavors all stacked on top of each other. For this mixed media project I used tissue paper, glue, acrylic paint, and magazine clippings. I learned how to use the magazine clippings and how to mix the different materials in one project so it would go together. I was a little challenged in trying to incorporate the magazine at last minute but other than that this project was very successful in my eyes.