Thursday, May 2, 2013

Printmaking Project

The process for making this print was some what time consuming and long. First you chose your animal you would like to make; then you make a clean line sketch using your reference pictures. Line sketch means without shading or any value, instead you make a clean sketch with distinct lines. Then you make a view finder and chose the view you want to portray. After choosing your view you take trace paper and trace over the lines in that area then you flip over the paper and retrace. This way the animal is not backwards when it is printed. Finally you proceed to transfer the sketch to the linoleum. After that you cut out the parts that you do not want the ink to touch you get a bench hook and a roller and you roll the ink and cover the roller. Then you roll it onto the linoleum put it on the paper and smooth it. Finally you have a finished print. I sort of liked this project, but at times it was challenging to not let the ink smear. I learned from this project that it is better to plan before cutting into the linoleum.

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