Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sticky situation

I developed my idea for "Sticky Situation" from the idea of a dog who got in a very sticky situation and  got into some paint buckets. Yes I feel I was able to think outside of the box when I was thinking of this idea because a dog near wet paint is a sticky situation let a lone him getting into the paint. Also having dog can be a bit sticky at times because they tend to get into things which is also why it's a bit sticky. Repetition was incorporated into this painting because of the paw prints on the floor. As well as the wood grin which adds rhythm to this painting but it does not distract from the dog. These both flowed and improved the painting but it also told the story of this situation. Acrylic was chosen for the choice of media because I had used this before and I though it would best portray my idea of a sticky situation. Also it is best for layering which is what is required in this piece because when you are painting an animal with a lot of fur layers are required. The mini lessons were important because I used some of those skills on my final product. I feel this project was successful because I portrayed the theme and the rhythm and repetition was incorporated into this painting as well. This painting also told a story and makes you think what might happen next say this dog gets onto your new couch or maybe he jumps on you in your favorite dress you don't know but hopefully you just get a good memory of when something like this happened to you or even a laugh at the idea of such a sticky situation. 

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