Thursday, December 5, 2013

Non-traditional portrait

I choose to do a portrait of my kitten named Sally because I wanted to try to do something other than a dog. I decided to do this project with colored pencil tips because I felt this material could best portray the kitten. My material choice impacted the look of my piece because it added another element to the portrait. The pencil lead gave the picture a texture but it also kind of made all the colors blend. This material choice was very important because the material really brought the kitten to life and if I used a different material it wood look totally different almost night and day. I took the risk of using pencil tips which was a difficult material to attach to the paper and it has not really been used before. One of the major challenges I faced was trying to get the lead out of a pencil and glueing it on was a little difficult. The portrait look very textured because of the use of pencil leaf and it felt rough. The feeling changed to a more fun and spontaneous which is similar to the kitten. My kitten had a connection to colored pencils because the first day that I brought the kitten home she got into the colored pencils and carried them around and we knew then that she was a little bit different. 

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